Purple Sky Injector APK Download For Android

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Purple Sky Injector APK Download For Android

Purple Sky Injector APK

Purple Sky Injector is developed with a variety and diversity of tools in it. This tool application has been designed for an exciting and entertaining war game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, which is gaining popularity among people. The gameplay of Mobile Legends Bang Bang is captivating for everyone with battles, fights, and challenging missions or tasks. Players need accessories and items unavailable for every player until he unlocks these things. So, the Purple Sky Injector has resolved the problem of these players and provided all necessary items, accessories, and upgrades for the game that can make the players win.

The tools offered by Purple Sky Injector are free and accessible for each player. You can acquire Rank Boosters, Skins for the Weapons or Characters, Upgrades for the Characters, free drone view, Battle Effects, Backgrounds, the most powerful and robust heroes, custom sound, tablet view, and the easiest UI (User Interface). There is no need to get any accessories for the Mobile Legends Bang Bang using the money. This tool app offers all resources without posing any harm to your game account or your device. Anyone can use this vital tool app to become the top player of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Key Features:

War Effects:

The effects of battle or war are freely available in this tool app, and they can be used at any time to make your game warfare effective and efficient. These battle effects help to make the gameplay attractive and stunning. These effects enhance the performance and enactment of the players in the game. An appropriate number of effects are available in Purple Sky Injector and are following.

  • Remote
  • Recall
  • Spawn
  • Elimination

Drone View:

The view of the drone camera in the application gives a hundred percent resolution with the ability to maximize up to 7X. This feature is not present in the game features, but players have to purchase it. This tool application is offering the feature without money. The ranges may be modified between 2X and 3X up to 7X. These ranges will let the players see the hidden and disguised enemies.

Rank Boosters:

Various kinds of Rank Boosters are used in the game to increase the rank and performance of the heroes or characters in the battleground. But, these rank boosters are not available for free. If you want to use these boosters without using the money, you must download the Purple Sky Injector that presents them for free.

Some Rank Boosters are herein below. 

  1. Auto Win is 50%.
  2. Jungle Fast provides 30%.
  3. Brutal Damage gives 30%.
  4. Enemy Feeding boosts 20%.
  5. Damage Up provides 45%.
  6. Enemy Lag boosts the rank by 25%.
  7. Team Pro offers maximum among all and gives 75%.

Ping Enemy: This Rank Booster is recently added in the new update of the Purple Sky Injector.

Game Backgrounds:

The background plays the main role in the visual look of the game. Many backgrounds are present in the premium features but are not available for free. So, the Purple Sky Injector has unlocked and provided all backgrounds to the players. They present the game to the players in an engrossing and enticing way.

  • Border
  • Background
  • Analog
  • Intro Loading
  • Map
  • Backsound Lobby

You can change or modify the background at any time according to your taste.

Game Characters:

The user has the virtual players or characters that are playing in the game and fighting on the ground. Each character has different skills and powers. When you start the game, you have a low-power character or player. You can unlock more robust characters that can stand in the battleground with more stamina. But, the unlocking process is gradual and a little slow for enthusiastic players. If you want all characters in no time, you can get them all by this application. This app unlocks,

  • Elite
  • Master
  • Epic
  • GrandMaster
  • Mythic
  • Gamer
  • Legend

Unlocked Skins:

Almost all costumes or outfits are available and functional in this tool application. No doubt, the costumes are given to the characters as a reward after accomplishing many tasks. It takes much time to unlock costumes. But, all costumes can be used through the Purple Sky Injector app.

 The list includes:

  1. Tank – available for almost 20 heroes.
  2. Support – present for eleven heroes.
  3. Marksman – used for 17+ characters.
  4. Fighter – this skin is available for 32 heroes.
  5. Mage – use this for 20 characters.
  6. Assassin – present for 29 characters.


Aimbot is used in enhancing and improving the shooting abilities and aptitudes of the heroes or players. This feature assists the player to take headshots in a more precise way.

Aim Lock:

Aim Lock aids the player to aim at the right angle to shoot his enemies. It helps to kill the enemy without wasting even a single pellet or bullet. In short, it improves the angle of the hero.


A headshot is the best feature that can be used to destroy the opponent within seconds, and it also helps the player to earn more points. But, this feature is not available in the typical version of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The Purple Sky Injector is offering this Headshot feature without cents.

Antenna Head:

Antenna Head presents a band that is present on the head of the players. This band helps the heroes track the location of their opponents, and this app has provided this feature for all players.


Other interesting features of the Purple Sky Injector App are the following.

  • Anti-ban – It cannot be restricted or banned.
  • Ads are drawn.
  • Uncomplicated UI (User Interface)
  • Completely free.
  • There is no root or password requirement.
  • Tablet view.

Purple Sky Injector APK Latest Version:

The Purple Sky Injector has many updates available as the developer release many updates with the new features and items. The last updated version was 1.30, and it was declared on Aug 05, 2023.


The size of the application is only 14MB, and it is not a heavy application. Though it contains all items and accessories of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang, these items and resources do not take extra space or storage in the device. This application demands the devices with 4.1 API (Application Programming Interface) or above.

Purple Sky Injector APK

Method to use the application:

  • After installation, launch the Purple Sky Injector.
  • Open the application, and you will see the “Start” button.
  • Tap the “Start” option.
  • You will see many options, including skins, backgrounds, heroes, drone view, rank boosters, etc.
  • Choose an option that you want to use.
  • After choosing the desired tool, Inject it.
  • The injected tool will be transferred to your game account.

Purple Sky Injector APK Download:

You can effortlessly download the Purple Sky Injector APK and install it on your android by following the given procedure.

  • Tap on the link which is shown above the article and download the APK file of the tool app.
  • Permit your device to allow the installation of files from all sources so that the downloaded APK file of the Purple Sky Injector can be installed without interruption.
  • Open the Files of your device and open the APK folder.
  • Tap the recently downloaded APK file to start the installation.
  • The APK file will be installed after a few seconds.

Note: Before installing the Purple Sky Injector on your device, make sure that you have already installed the Mobile Legends Bang Bang on your phone.

Direct Download Setup


Purple Sky Injector is an impressive application for getting the resources and the premium features of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Everything with no cents is available without the fear of any harm. The application is secured from all viruses and bugs. Ban is also removed from the account. All premium features can be accessed within seconds, and it will help to control your game in a better way. It does not matter whether you are a pro player or a beginner. So, install the application and get started.

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